I gave a Ricky Gervais a funny portrait painting I painted in New York City.

I love New York like a long distance boyfriend…nothing unusual there! I have been incredibly lucky having visited 11 times but once I was lucky enough to stay there for the summer of 2009 attending acting classes at the New York Film Academy. As soon as I arrived, I went to an art shop andContinue reading “I gave a Ricky Gervais a funny portrait painting I painted in New York City.”

Living in London

Oil painting, my interpretation of the variety of living space for everyone in London. This can be found at http://www.artfinder.com/louisacorr My paintings will arrive to you safely and securely packaged as a signed and tracked delivery. The sides of the canvas will be painted white ready to hang on your wall! Feel free to getContinue reading “Living in London”

Frank Skinner and a painter

This is me doing what I do best (paint) while Frank Skinner takes a look at my work and has a quick chat on how he likes that I have been different in my approach and chosen to paint a section of the Waddesdon Manor building and composition it for more of a dramatic effect.Continue reading “Frank Skinner and a painter”

Jimmy Fallon oil painting by Louisa CorrĀ 

My Jimmy Fallon portrait available to purchase online here.   Couple of photographs to show my working progress.