Art Exhibition: Cambridge Envisaged

Looking to quench your thirst for art & culture? I have the perfect thing! A brand new art exhibition in Cambridge coming this November. Come to feast your eyes on original works dedicated to depicting Cambridge by 3 incredible artists! They’ll each be revealing their own personal and artistic view on the famous and magicalContinue reading “Art Exhibition: Cambridge Envisaged”

Frank Skinner and a painter

This is me doing what I do best (paint) while Frank Skinner takes a look at my work and has a quick chat on how he likes that I have been different in my approach and chosen to paint a section of the Waddesdon Manor building and composition it for more of a dramatic effect.Continue reading “Frank Skinner and a painter”

Jimmy Fallon oil painting by Louisa CorrĀ 

My Jimmy Fallon portrait available to purchase online here.   Couple of photographs to show my working progress.