Having fun in New York City with Ricky Gervais and acrylic paint.

I love New York like a long distance boyfriend…nothing unusual there! I have been incredibly lucky having visited 11 times but once I was lucky and rich enough to stay there for the summer of 2009 and attend acting classes. As soon as I arrived, I went to an art shop and bought paints and a fewContinue reading “Having fun in New York City with Ricky Gervais and acrylic paint.”

Living in London

Oil painting, my interpretation of the variety of living space for everyone in London. This can be found at http://www.artfinder.com/louisacorr My paintings will arrive to you safely and securely packaged as a signed and tracked delivery. The sides of the canvas will be painted white ready to hang on your wall! Feel free to getContinue reading “Living in London”

Art advice: How to make a homemade cold wax medium

I created a strong and intense abstract landscape painting ‘Land of the mind’ on my first attempt mixing my own cold wax medium with oil paint. If you have been wanting a way to heighten your colours in your oil paintings to create even stronger paintings and interesting layers, then you will want to experiment like I did (read on)! EvenContinue reading “Art advice: How to make a homemade cold wax medium”