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Having fun in New York City with Ricky Gervais and acrylic paint.

I love New York like a long distance boyfriend…nothing unusual there! I have been incredibly lucky having visited 11 times but once I was lucky and rich enough to stay there for the summer of 2009 and attend acting classes. As soon as I arrived, I went to an art shop and bought paints and a few canvases as I couldn’t wait to paint in New York. Crazily, I painted in my shared hostel room and in central park. One of the portraits I painted during this time was of Ricky Gervais, as I had laughed hysterically at him performing live at Madison Square Garden and thought that would be a great use of my time!? This is the moment I gave it to him – he laughed one of his loud mental laugh type when he saw it, not because it was bad, but because…oh you can see for yourself…

Ricky Gervais Portrait larger in focus XL
‘Ricky Gervais’

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