Britney Spears portrait painting

by Louisa Corr 28″ x 42″ x 2″ Acrylic on Cradled Board This is a very large acrylic portrait painting of Britney Spears. If you wish to purchase this piece or any other artworks, please contact me here.

Working on a new abstract series of paintings

In this painting ‘Abstract No. 4’, and other artworks in this current abstract series, I am playing with colours, experimenting, finding happy mistakes in order to create paintings I couldn’t imagine until it exists. The focus for me as an artist in this original artwork is mainly on creating stunning, morish colours which will beContinue reading “Working on a new abstract series of paintings”

Painting nature is a form of therapy sometimes

This was my temporary art studio during those 3 months. I like the way the canvas is see through once the sun shines on it. It makes it appear translucent, I wish I could recreate this affect without the sun or light. I salotaped the rose to the wall in order for it to beContinue reading “Painting nature is a form of therapy sometimes”

New York in the eyes of Louisa Corr comes to Ely! Babylon Arts Exhibition 2020

Louisa Corr’s painting of the New York skyline will exhibit in Ely this Summer at the Babylon Arts Exhibition 2020! This will be my first ever painting in a gallery and I am very excited! I have sold my paintings internationally online so this is a new world to me! Titled ‘Modern Times’, I paintedContinue reading “New York in the eyes of Louisa Corr comes to Ely! Babylon Arts Exhibition 2020”