Billie Eilish painting

New Original Large Acrylic Portrait Painting of BILLIE EILISH by Portrait Artist Louisa Corr. Original Billie Eilish Portrait Painting by artist Louisa Corr Acrylic on Canvas 19.75″ x 39.5″ x 2.5″ If you would like to buy this original acrylic painting directly from the artist please use this contact form. More portrait work by LouisaContinue reading “Billie Eilish painting”

Working on a new abstract series of paintings

In this painting ‘Abstract No. 4’, and other artworks in this current abstract series, I am playing with colours, experimenting, finding happy mistakes in order to create paintings I couldn’t imagine until it exists. The focus for me as an artist in this original artwork is mainly on creating stunning, morish colours which will beContinue reading “Working on a new abstract series of paintings”

Geometric Abstraction painting created by Louisa Corr ‘Droplet in Daylight’ 2006

Droplet in daylight is a large, bold and architectural acrylic painting. While living in Doha, Qatar (2006), I felt inspired to paint the charming minarets, mosques and vibrancy of life in the traditional Souqs. This powerful image of the overshadowing blue ornament came to me in a dream, when I woke, I couldn’t wait toContinue reading “Geometric Abstraction painting created by Louisa Corr ‘Droplet in Daylight’ 2006”

One-of-a-kind Kim Kardashian West portrait painting by Louisa Corr

Louisa Corr painted this very large acrylic painting of Kim Kardashian West in 2015.