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Robin Williams portrait painting! 76 x 101.5 x 2 cm

Discover my Robin Williams portrait painting on Artfnder.

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Kim Kardashian painting: First in my series of celebrity portrait paintings

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‘Orange Sky’ Acrylic Painting inspired by Doha, Qatar

'Orange Sky' painted by Louisa Corr in Doha, Qatar in 2006. Available for purchase on Artfinder. This is a large, bold and organically acrylic painting. Orange sky was inspired by the new sky scrapers being built around me the corniche during my time living in Doha, Qatar. They particularly interested me because so many magnificent… Continue reading ‘Orange Sky’ Acrylic Painting inspired by Doha, Qatar

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A tribute to Cecil the Lion

This is a one of a kind oil painting of Cecil the lion. Click here to view my painting of 'Cecil the Lion' in my art shop     For a 10% or 15% discount on all artworks by Louisa Corr, please fill out the order form here for a unique discount code. *Discounts are subject to availability… Continue reading A tribute to Cecil the Lion

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Abstract Oil Painting ‘Halcyon Springs’

'Halcyon Springs' (2012) Acrylic on Canvas (unframed) 59.5 x 80 x 3.8 cm 'Halcyon Springs' was influenced by the inviting Hot Springs found in the Canadian Rockies. Hot Springs have great health benefits and I tried to reflect this through the transparent yellows, cerulean blues and cadmium greens. 'Halcyon Springs' is available to purchase on my Art shop.


Art culture: New artist fair in Shoreditch!

After visiting the new artist fair at the Truman Brewery on Ely's yard on the weekend (06/09/15), I couldn't stop thinking about the theme running through the paintings by Ho Shut Yin Stephanie. Stephanie plays really well with perspective, space and size in her art pieces as she strips away the environment and just leaves people with specific clothes, posessions… Continue reading Art culture: New artist fair in Shoreditch!