Portrait commissions from Photos

The quality of the portrait will depend on the quality of the original photographs.  You can send me photographs you have taken yourself to use as a starting point. Show shoulders and a bit of space above your head and have a blank background if possible.

Prices will be based upon size of canvas or paper. 50% of payment upfront and the rest once the buyer has received the portrait. Estimated prices below:

£100 – £150 (30 cm – 50 cm)

£150 – £200 (50 cm – 70 cm)

£200 – £250 (70 cm – 90 cm)

$300 – £350 (100 cm – 120 cm)

Portrait commissions from Live Video

I am happy to paint you via zoom video and chat if the sitter wishes to do so. If you have any questions, please contact me to discuss the process.

All other commissions

Please contact me if you wish for anything to be painted in acrylic or oil paint. I can copy from a photo or create an original abstract piece for you based on a City, flowers, people or landscapes etc.

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