Painting a new abstract series, in progress

Painting nature is a form of therapy sometimes

One Rose by Louisa Corr Oil Painting

I painted this rose with a palette knife in September 2019 when I had just moved out of London temporarly and felt very alone. I suppose looking back I was painting me.

This was my temporary art studio during those 3 months. I like the way the canvas is see through once the sun shines on it. It makes it appear translucent, I wish I could recreate this affect without the sun or light.

I salotaped the rose to the wall in order for it to be eye level!

New York in the eyes of Louisa Corr comes to Ely! Babylon Arts Exhibition 2020

Modern Times Painting by Louisa Corr Acrylic on Canvas

Louisa Corr’s painting of the New York skyline will exhibit in Ely this Summer at the Babylon Arts Exhibition 2020! This will be my first ever painting in a gallery and I am very excited! I have sold my paintings internationally online so this is a new world to me!

Titled ‘Modern Times’, I painted this in 2013, and it is an original, one of a kind acrylic painting sized 60.5 x 61 x 2.01 cm on canvas.

I look forward to everyone in Cambridgeshire coming to have a look up close. Closer than you can get to a human these days!

Click here for all my available paintings!

The Babylon Arts’ exhibition will run from Saturday 1st August to Sunday 6th September and the gallery will be open Tuesday to Sunday, 12pm to 4pm.

Artwork based on German Drains in Gutersloh, Germany by Louisa Corr

This is an old piece I (Louisa Corr) did many years ago in Germany. There is something about the pattern of the drains in Germany that I really like and it is quite nostalgic for me whenever I see them again. It brings back memories as a child playing happily on roller blades or running around the German houses provided to us by the British Forces Army.

Beautiful artwork by @louisacorr

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